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Our programs are based on the belief that every child deserves to feel safe and be protected from adult issues so they can enjoy being a kid.  We take pride in providing a clean, comfortable and fun facility where kids can explore games and toys with their loved ones without parental conflict.


We understand that no parent wants to be in a position to need the services we provide and that having a third party involved in your parenting is not anyone's ideal.  Our role is to help organize and stabilize visits and create documentation that can assist the courts in sorting out the truth.  We are here to help your family get to where they want to be.




Parenting Time

6125 King Rd. Suite 202

Loomis CA 95650


Call and Text: 916.788.1838




Parenting Time was founded in 2007 to serve a need for a high quality affordable supervised visitation and safe exchange services in Placer County.  The programs were designed in conjunction with the Placer County Family Court to meet the needs of local families.


Parenting Time is made up of a dedicated team of professional monitors.  All of our staff have experience working with families and children in a variety of settings and educational backgrounds in social services and child development.  Staff attend ongoing trainings on supervised visitation, domestic violence, child abuse, drug and alcohol recognition and child and adolescent development.

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