Parenting Time - Supervised Visitation
Client Forms
Click on the Request or Form you need to submit an online copy.  If you have any questions about which is the appropriate form please contact Parenting Time at or (916) 788-1838.  Paper copies may also be requested at the office. 
Parent Forms- Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Programs
Parenting Time keeps two types of documentation for Supervised Visitation families and one for Safe Exchange families.  Progress Notes are a detailed account of all correspondence with a family and are kept for all families using Parenting Time services.  Visit Reports are kept by the monitor during Supervised Visits and include specific information about the content of each visit.  All documentation has a change and will be released one week from the date they are ordered and paid. 
A Designee is a person who drops off or picks up a child in lieu of the Custodial Visitation Parent or a Safe Exchange Parent.  A form must be filed in advance before a child will be able to leave with any Designee.  It is the responsibility of the Parent, not Parenting Time staff, to make sure the Designee understands their role and responsibilities prior to acting as Designee.  A new Designee does not have to be approved by the other parent.
Request Forms- Non Custodial Parent Supervised Visitation Program
Gift request forms are for Non-Custodial Supervised Visitation parents requesting to bring a gift to a visit.  A gift is anything that goes home with the child.  The request must be approved by the Custodial Parent in order for the gift to be brought into the facility.  This is a legal issue and Parenting Time cannot overturn the Custodial Parent's decision.  You may request a copy of the reviewed request to keep for your records.
There are three types of off-site visitation.  All require separate levels of approval.  Approval must be obtained by both Parenting Time staff and the Custodial Parent.  The first level is walking visits.  The second is driving visits (the child(ren) ride in the company vehicle with the Monitor, the parent drives their own vehicle).  The third level is in-home visits.  An evaluation of the Non-Custodial Parent's home must occur before in-home visits can begin.   There is a 2 hour minimum on all off site visits.
An Authorized Visitor is anyone the Non-Custodial is requesting to have attend a visit that is not specifically allowed to attend by the court order.  The Custodial Parent must approve any Authorized Visitor.  Authorized Visitors must follow all the same rules as the Non-Custodial Parent, including No-Contact policies.
Change of Policy Forms- Custodial Parent Supervised Visitation Program
For Custodial Parents with an Open Gift Policy who would like to either close it (to Request Only) or add restrictions.  Please file this form at least 5 days before the the date you wish the restrictions to begin.
For Custodial Parents who need to add restrictions of the Food and Drink Policy for their family.  The Policy starts out open by default, allergies and other restrictions must be filed so that they can be presented to the Non-Custodial Parent and enforced by Parenting Time Staff.
For Custodial Parents wishing to restrict something other than gifts, travel, visitors and food.  Parenting Time staff will evaluate whether or not the requested restriction can be incorporated into the existing Supervised Visitation Program.  Not all requests can be granted.