Parenting Time - Supervised Visitation
Accurate, objective and consistent documentation is a crucial part of both Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange services.  Documentation allows you to spend your court time talking about the issues and not arguing about the facts.  Parenting Time provides highly detailed and professional documentation for a very low cost:
Visit Report: Detailed record of what was said and done during visit.  Descriptions are objective and non-judgmental.  Visit Reports are available for $10 per visit for visits up to 4 hours. Click here to see a sample Visit Report.
Progress Notes: Record of all interactions with your family.  This includes phone conversations, emails, in person conversations, cancellations, scheduling efforts and payment information.  This document can be extremely helpful if one parent is not showing sufficient commitment or flexibility to visitation.  Progress Notes allow you to present the judge or mediator with a concise third-party record of the progress of visitation.  Progress Notes are available for $20 for each month requested. 
For me the best thing about the program was accountability, my Ex-husband couldn’t just tell everyone I was a liar when there was third party documentation.  Two months of Progress Notes did what years and tens of thousands of dollars couldn’t for our custody battle.
-Custodial Parent of 13 year old child